the 11th chromosome and 11,000 other things

the 11th chromosome and 11,000 other things

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the 11th chromosome is probably an insignificant chromosome, but it influences the lives of thousands of people. This blog is how to live successfully with a certain damage in the 11th chromosome, but also the other 11,000 things that life is all about.

Take Your 50% And Run With It

the 11th chromosomePosted by Lamaro Schoenleber Thu, June 25, 2015 22:16:51

In previous times, people readily accepted that life is not perfect. Belief in a Supreme Deity was also more prevalent, making it clear that even the human being was not perfect. As such, people were content to make the best of their lives and be happy with that.

In many parts of the world, belief in a Supreme Deity has ebbed, and many people are convinced that the human being has reached the highest level of development ever. With it comes the pressure to live the 100% life: -100% achievement, 100% enjoyment, 100% possibility.

This may even be possible for some people for a while, until the effects of disease, aging and other adverse factors set in.

However, for a large number of people, the 100% life was out of reach in the first place, and remains so. This could be due to poverty, lack of education, or disease.

For those born with a chronic disease such as sickle cell anemia or who may develop a chronic disease in the course of their lives - such as depression or multiple sclerosis - the 100% life is a dream that is out of reach.

Instead of spending time mourning a quality or possibility of life that can never be, it makes far more sense to grab your 50% and run with it.

Enjoy your 50%. Love it. Live it. Invest in it. Make the most of it.

It is all you have, or may ever have, for now.

This is a lesson many people have to learn in old age anyway. Even if one has had the perfect life, old age and disease will reduce this percentage with time.

One will not be able to eat everything one wants because of acquired food allergies, ulcers, diabetes or gout. One cannot go everywhere one wants because of joint and skeletal problems. Many who suffer from old age poverty must downsize their lives due to financial constriants.

In short, the 100% life is largely an illusion, and even when it does exist, it is very fragile.

All the more reason why a chronically ill person does well to learn quickly what every human has to learn one day anyway: use what you have, start where you are and do the best you can with what you have. After all, you are in a majority club.

Fifty percent, or even less, used to the full, can still yield great dividends.

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